Blank Slate. Fresh Start. New Beginnings.

It’s Spring here is not so dreary Seattle. Its been very nearly seven years since we packed up our worldly belongings and set off for our new life across the Pacific.

Much has changed. New jobs, new interests, new friends and even a new child. In the midst of it all I have struggled to stay consistently creative. But I have learned that I simply cannot function as a happy human being without making. No making makes mummy something something.

The last couple of years we have been working on the house, garden, chickens and house related projects and for my self primarily ceramics. I very quickly and firmly fell in love with clay during a spontaneous class sign up that I treated myself too. I honestly thought I would be following up my desire to learn jewelry making.

This year as the youngest turns three and I’m starting to have some time to myself I am ferociously filling my brain with sewing, knitting, clay and generally making anything and everything my heart desires. And I have to tell you it feels so good!

I had the sheer pleasure of attending an underwear sewing workshop up in Vancouver BC a couple of weeks ago with my lovely friend Majella. We were both quick to pounce when we saw a combined workshop between Helen of Helen’s Closet and Caroline of Blackbird Fabrics. A quick girls trip up to cherry blossom scatters, snowy mountain and Salish Sea surrounded, sunny Vancouver to learn some sewing skills from Love to Sew Podcast sewing royalty.   I can dig it.

And this is were I declare my sewjo unleashed. Now to fit in family, pottery and all the other projects in the back of my mind.   Stay tuned.


I put this little guy together for a friend of mine who requested a little chicken toy to go along with some of my little fruit pieces.  I decided to add some little eggs and a straw nest for them to sit in as a little centrepiece as my lovely customer has a little store of her own with a chicken themed logo.  So I thought if she decided have a market stall this little hen could keep her company.

I figured I should take a note of the pattern as I created it to share with you guys for easter.  So here goes.


Acrylic yarns in 8ply:  I used white, red and gold.

5mm crochet hook

Safety eyes

Wool needle to sew in ends and attach pieces.


Body: (white)

Round 1: Start with a magic circle and Sc 6 stitches into it.

Round 2:  Continue working in a spiral.  Sc 2 in the first stitch and Sc 1 in the next.  Repeat around.

Round 3: Sc 2 in first stitch and Sc 1 in the next two stitches.  Repeat around.

Round 4: Sc 2 in first stitch and Sc 1 in the next three.  Repeat.

Round 5: Sc 2 in first stitch and Sc 1 in the next four.  Repeat.

Round 6: Sc 2 in the first stitch and Sc 1 in the next five stitches.  Repeat.

Round 7-11:  Sc around all stitches.

(Begin stuffing the body and continue to fill it as you close the hole. )

Round 12:  Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next five stitches.  Repeat Around.

Round 13-15: Sc around all stitches.

Round 16:  Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next four stitches.  Repeat Around.

Round 17-19:  Sc around all stitches.

(Attach your safety eyes  or buttons if using them.  Otherwise close the body as normal and simply sew on little circle shaped eyes at the end. )

Round 20:  Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next three stitches.  Repeat Around.

Round: 21:  Sc around all stitches.

Round 22: Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next two stitches.  Repeat Around.

Round 21:  Sc around all stitches.

Round 22:  Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next one.  Repeat Around.

Round 23:  Decrease in each stitch until the hole is closed.

The Comb: (Red)

Row1: Chain 10 stitches.

Row 2: Sc across them. Ch1 and turn.

Row 3: Sc in the first stitch. *( Hdc, Tc, Hdc) in the next stitch, Slip in the next stitch*.  Repeat * until the last stitch and then Sc into it.  Tie off leaving a long tail for attaching.

Wattle under beak.  (Red)

Row 1: Chain 5 stitches.

Row 2: Sc in next, Hdc in the next two stitches and Sc into the last stitch.  Tie off leaving a long tail.

Beak: (Gold)

Round 1:  Start with a magic circle and Sc four stitches into it.

Round 2:  Sc two in the first stitch and then one into the next. Repeat.

Round 3: Sc two in the first stitch.  Sc one into the next two stitches.  Repeat.

Round 4:  Sc around all stitches.  Tie off leaving a long tail.

Squeeze the beak flat and stuff lightly.

Wings: (White)  Make 2. 

Row 1:  Chain 12 stitches.

Row 2-4:  Sc across all stitches.

Row 5-7: Decrease one stitch at each end 0f the next row.  Sc across the rest of the stitches.

Row 8: Sc around the edges and Sc three stitches into the corners.  Tie off and leave a tail.


Row 1: Sc 8.

Row 2-3:  Sc across all stitches.

Row 4: Decrease into the first stitch.  Slip into the next stitch,  (Hdc, Tc,Hdc) in the next stitch, slip into the next stitch and then decrease into the last two stitches.

Feet: (Gold) Optional.  Make 2.  

Repeat the same steps as the tail.  Attach under the body at the front.  I didn’t feel it’s necessary as my chicken had a nest.


Attach the comb to the head.  Attach the wattle to the beak and then attach the beak to the body.  Attach a eyes if not using safety eyes or buttons.

Attach wings, tail and feet if making them.  And that is it.

Please let me know if you come across anything that is unclear and I will try to adjust it asap.

You are free to sell your creations made from this pattern if you like.  Just remember to credit me and share my link.  Sharing is caring right?



This week I am madly cooking up some crochet goodies to add to my range of play foods.  Spaghetti and Donuts are on the menu this week.  Have a look at some other creative folk over at Our Creative Spaces.  More new crochet delights next week.


 I finally got around to making some more soap. It has been on the backburner for a looong time. Nearly three years actually as I stopped making it when I realised I was pregnant with Ben. But I thought I would share some yummy images. They are all goat milk based soap. I’ve somehow managed to find a little patience and keep the milk cool and keep that nice pale colour and minimal burnt milk smell. That always helps in the appeal right. I’m looking into facial bars and shampoo style soap atm too so I will keep you updated. If only all those nice luxury items didn’t add up so much. I cannot wait to get my hands on some peppermint and rosemary essential oils. Mind you I would also love some lavender and rose fragrance too. But you can’t have everything right?

I also made some lovely eucalyptus and tea tree soap with poppy seeds and ground cloves for exfoliation.  I was actually really happy with the fragrance.  Warm, earthy and soothing.  Not too medicinal at all.  But of-course with the healing benefits on cuts and scratches.  Loving it.

I’m also working on plenty more of my crochet play food.  It wont be long and I’ll have to restock my yarn stash that I was originally trying to bust!

Goat Milk and Rough Honey Oat
Pure Goat Milk
Rebatched Smooth Honey Oat
Rich Chocolate


You will see a tab up the top for custom requests.. see it!?  Well just so you know I am more that happy to do them.  This one was for a cool weather set in a unisex colour for a currently genderless baby.   I had some lovely denim blue luxury wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills on hand that was perfect for the job.   I concluded that an option of embellishing flowers to girly up a typically “boyish”  colour (I love dark blues on girls, especially paired with a crisp white) would be the way to go.   But then at the last minute I decided to throw in some little white hearts as an option for a boy as well.  The set would have been fine without them but I just figured it added an option for another level of cuteness.

It has provided inspiration for a few ideas I have for some dresses and vests when I manage to find the time.  I really like the colour combinations.  As always it feels great to have completed another order and just in time for my uni subjects to have started this week.  Head down and bum up?  We shall see.

P.S Notice the new shopping cart!?  More on that later.



Sometimes I think that being a bit of a Jill of all trades means I lose out on really breaking into any one area and building my skills.  But I am finally realising that I can have it all.  I can do a bit of this and a bit of that and provide a range of handy skills to my friends.  It just takes time and practice to build on them and of course the desire to learn.

Here are some of the recent goodies I have made for friends.  Sadly I forgot to take photos of some so I can’t keep a record of those particular ones but hopefully I will be sent the odd pic of them modeled on little bubs.

Now I plan to make myself some cool dress/skirts and trial some DIY health and beauty products.

Daylight saving may mean it seems like there are more hours in the day but that doesn’t stop me from being too tired to use them!



I have been busy busy busy crafting up a range or play food, writing and modifying patterns and filling orders.  Here are some of my new additions.  They have been very popular with some good friends pouncing on them.  Yes I’m talking about you CarysInspired.  I gave some to Oliver’s preschool which have been well received.

I am intending on branching out and offering my patterns in my store for a small fee.  I just need to hit husband up to know me up a shopping cart for my page so I can post them here as well as my madeit store.  Speaking of MadeIt  my fruit was also included in their recent fruity feature.  It is always so exciting when someone feels the desire to share your work.

I have been having so much fun with these little treats and just love creating cute things to share.  Cuteness makes the world go round.



This project is adorable.  I think my son is going to love his Bag of Beans from The Purl Bee.  They are so soft and lovely.  It was an absolute pleasure for my first attempt at working with wool felt.  It is just beautiful.  So soft and fluffy and colourful.  What kid wouldn’t love these? Ben loves to stack things and put things in and out of bags and boxes.  I think the colours will be exciting and they are just damn cute!

The pattern is super easy.  Suitable for a beginner.  The hardest part is stitching the small opening closed but after the first few beans you will soon be on a roll.  I hope the kids love them as much as I do.



I have recently had the fun task of completing this pattern as a gift for my sons second birthday. It is easy to follow, a good stash buster for those balls of yarn you don’t quite have enough of for bigger projects and it is fast to make.  You can make it as colourful or realistic as you like.  Take a look at my version.

The only problem I came across was his brother wants to claim it as his own so this led to another project for x-mas.  Next project, A dragon for Oliver!  More on that later.



I’m in the process of putting together a gift to post to a little friend who is turning three next week.  I have been so flat out with life, work, study and all that comes with it that I have not had the time to do what I would normally try to do and make what I plan to send her.  So I decided to do the next best thing.  I have sourced a range of beautiful handmade items put together by crafty friends of mine.  This way I hit three birds with one stone.  An awesome present, supporting handmade and giving business to crafty friends.

You may remember an introduction to Miss Mollie and Friends in a previous post.  Well I wanted to show you the stunning dress I decided to buy.  Look t these details.  At this point Miss Molly and Friends was working without an overlocker.  Check out those awesome seams and detail around that bow.  So incredibly neat and well made.  She has even splurged on cute labels and branding.  Things are really moving ahead for this little home business.

Miss Molly and Friends.

Miss Molly and Friends.Miss Molly and Friends.

Next I would like to introduce you to CarysInspired.  These are the most adorable hair clips made by mum, inspired by the lovely locks of her beautiful daughter Carys.  I wish I could get away with wearing them but sadly I think i’m a little old.

Carys Inspired


I couldn’t support fellow crafters and not include Jam Made so also grabbed another little pair of hair pins.  And also included a cute beaded necklace made by my son for one of his favourite friends.  And for good measure threw in one of my own hats.  This girl is going to be seriously decked out!

Jam Made
I love being able to support other crafters.  It is almost as much fun as making things myself.