Feature Pattern – Crochet Dinosaur.

I have recently had the fun task of completing this pattern as a gift for my sons second birthday. It is easy to follow, a good stash buster for those balls of yarn you don’t quite have enough of for bigger projects and it is fast to make.  You can make it as colourful or realistic as you like.  Take a look at my version.

The only problem I came across was his brother wants to claim it as his own so this led to another project for x-mas.  Next project, A dragon for Oliver!  More on that later.



Feature Pattern – Pillowcase Baby Dress.

Being a beginner sewer I am always looking for simple projects that can help me to learn new processes.  I am always keen when I see something super cute that I can make for a friend.  This pattern found over at Prudent Baby is perfect.  It is so simple to understand and I get the feeling it will get lots of use for future gift ideas.

It helped me to get my head around using bias tape for the first time.  It was able to be finished in a couple of hours, which was over two nights for me.  And I also managed to make it from material I scored from a local op-shop.

Win, win,win!

Give it a go!


Feature Pattern – Buddy Bear

I wanted to share with you a nice pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. It’s a cute little crochet bear Amigurumi called Buddy Bear that I am rather fond .  I of course customised and modified it to my tastes but there is no reason why you could not follow the pattern exactly.  Check my guy out.  I’ve decided he is an Éclair Bear.  Oh, and I put a little bell in his foot too, so he jingles.  Why not give it a go?


Feature Pattern – My Favourite Stuffie & Rockin Robots Upgrade.

So you may have seen in last weeks Creative Space post that I was working on a robot stuffie for my son’s birthday.  Well I have now completed it, a little late mind you, but he is still super stoked with it.  His little robot goes to bed with him and is carried around religiously.

The toy actually ends out being pretty big as he is rather fat, so it is very cuddly and substantial.  There is lots of room to add personal touches and custom features if you are the creative type.  I gave him a happy little mouth and changed the eye detail a little to personalise it.

If these tickle your fancy pop over to Crafty Deb for all things “not always cute and cuddly.”