My Creative Space – The soap bug bites again.

 I finally got around to making some more soap. It has been on the backburner for a looong time. Nearly three years actually as I stopped making it when I realised I was pregnant with Ben. But I thought I would share some yummy images. They are all goat milk based soap. I’ve somehow managed to find a little patience and keep the milk cool and keep that nice pale colour and minimal burnt milk smell. That always helps in the appeal right. I’m looking into facial bars and shampoo style soap atm too so I will keep you updated. If only all those nice luxury items didn’t add up so much. I cannot wait to get my hands on some peppermint and rosemary essential oils. Mind you I would also love some lavender and rose fragrance too. But you can’t have everything right?

I also made some lovely eucalyptus and tea tree soap with poppy seeds and ground cloves for exfoliation.  I was actually really happy with the fragrance.  Warm, earthy and soothing.  Not too medicinal at all.  But of-course with the healing benefits on cuts and scratches.  Loving it.

I’m also working on plenty more of my crochet play food.  It wont be long and I’ll have to restock my yarn stash that I was originally trying to bust!

Goat Milk and Rough Honey Oat
Pure Goat Milk
Rebatched Smooth Honey Oat
Rich Chocolate