This Curious Cat.


For those of you who know me you will know that I am an impossible crafter. I have an insatiable lust for art and craft supplies, yarns, paper and a thirst for knowledge. Not the type of knowledge that cures disease, feeds the poor or brings world peace but the knowledge of how to create cuteness! Not quite as momentous perhaps, but important nonetheless.

With the birth of my two incredibly handsome children this desire has been thrust into the forefront of my life. I just cannot help myself! So now I am doing the obvious. Making my “skills” available to other people who perhaps don’t feel the same way. People who would rather spend time doing what they enjoy and leave the fiddly stuff to those of us obsessive enough to enjoy it.

And so I bring you That Curious Cat!.



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  • miriam

    Oh I do hope you’ll venture out on Saturday to visit us at The Handmade Expo Market, and maybe one day, have a stall yourself ! Thanks for the plugs too!

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