Handmade Soap – What’s the Difference?

Handmade Lavender soap balls and blocks.

I’ve dabbled in making handmade soap for some time now.  I had had a pretty big break from it with my big move interstate, starting back at work and generally being flat out.  But over easter I had gone back to my old place in QLD to see the family and was reminded that I had left a batch of lavender soap curing up on one of the cupboards.  What a nice suprise!

I have to say I was very quickly reminded how much more soothing and luxurious handmade soap actually is.  Sometimes I let myself forget and just get whatever is cheap at the grocery store.  But if  you can learn how to make soap yourself it is cheap as chips and you have complete control over what you include in the recipe.

The idea is that handmade soap still contains all of the glycerine’s that is created during the process.  Generic soaps have had this removed so it can be sold separably or in other items  for $$$.  All I know is it is soothing, moisturising, and fit to use on delicate skin.  I use it on my face.

It can be customized to your needs with added goats milk, exfoliants like sugar or oats, or contain absolutely no additives like colours or fragrances.  Great for eczema and allergies.

I have only made soap with the cold process method and have been very happy with the results.  I will give you a list of what I consider to be the best links.  The best thing about this method is you get to get all decked out like a scientist and create cool stuff.

This is seriously fun stuff and the result is very satisfying.  It is just really really difficult to wait the 4 weeks curing time before you get to try it out!  It may look a little intimidating at first but if you make the time to read the safety info and get yourself set up properly  making sure you have an hour or so to yourself it is easy as pie.

There are countless recipes available on the net but do always run them through a lye calculator to double check the measurements.  It always pays do be sure.  I also recommended hitting the local library.  I have had some great finds with soap related stuff at mine.

My Little Soap Basket.


Aussie Soap Supplies Intro and Safety Info.

Aussie Soap Supplies Tutorial.

MMS Lye Calculator.


Give it a go!
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