Play Food Creations

I have been busy busy busy crafting up a range or play food, writing and modifying patterns and filling orders.  Here are some of my new additions.  They have been very popular with some good friends pouncing on them.  Yes I’m talking about you CarysInspired.  I gave some to Oliver’s preschool which have been well received.

I am intending on branching out and offering my patterns in my store for a small fee.  I just need to hit husband up to know me up a shopping cart for my page so I can post them here as well as my madeit store.  Speaking of MadeIt  my fruit was also included in their recent fruity feature.  It is always so exciting when someone feels the desire to share your work.

I have been having so much fun with these little treats and just love creating cute things to share.  Cuteness makes the world go round.



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