I love this hat!

If you are a member of the Ravelry community then you are probably not a stranger to the awesome patterns by Just Jussi. She makes some beautiful bits and bobs for babies.  Simple yet delightful and unique.  A few months ago I made my first Aviatrix Helmet.   To my delight the weather has cooled down and Benjamin is now able to wear it.  I have to say I just love it.  And even better yet this pattern is free.  These designs very much inspire me to work on creating my own patterns for children because I think there is just nothing more adorable then kids in knits.

I hadn’t yet attached my button when I took these photos so the strap is not done up but buttoned up or not its just so cute.  And I managed to make it with some leftover scrap yarn to boot.  The pic with the dummy is when he was a little bub not yet able to fill the hat.  As you can see now he is a big juicy boy fitting the hat almost snuggly.

I have this pattern to thank for teaching me about short rows and wraps which are commonly found when knitting socks so that was also a handy skill to learn along the way.  Maybe one day when I have the time and patience I will be able to knit myself some nice warm socks.  I wont hold my breath.

I will certainly be making more of these for my boys and gifts for friends too.  Thanks Just Jussi for a fantastic free pattern!


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