Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa : Blank Slate. Fresh Start. New Beginnings.

It’s Spring here is not so dreary Seattle. Its been very nearly seven years since we packed up our worldly belongings and set off for our new life across the Pacific.

Much has changed. New jobs, new interests, new friends and even a new child. In the midst of it all I have struggled to stay consistently creative. But I have learned that I simply cannot function as a happy human being without making. No making makes mummy something something.

The last couple of years we have been working on the house, garden, chickens and house related projects and for my self primarily ceramics. I very quickly and firmly fell in love with clay during a spontaneous class sign up that I treated myself too. I honestly thought I would be following up my desire to learn jewelry making.

This year as the youngest turns three and I’m starting to have some time to myself I am ferociously filling my brain with sewing, knitting, clay and generally making anything and everything my heart desires. And I have to tell you it feels so good!

I had the sheer pleasure of attending an underwear sewing workshop up in Vancouver BC a couple of weeks ago with my lovely friend Majella. We were both quick to pounce when we saw a combined workshop between Helen of Helen’s Closet and Caroline of Blackbird Fabrics. A quick girls trip up to cherry blossom scattered, snowy mountain and Salish Sea surrounded, sunny Vancouver to learn some sewing skills from Love to Sew Podcast sewing royalty.   I can dig it.

And this is were I declare my sewjo unleashed. Now to fit in family, pottery and all the other projects in the back of my mind.   Stay tuned.


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