Little Brimmed Hats

After having put  up a couple of photos of my son wearing his new hat, which I had finally gotten around to making up for him after focusing on all the littly baby things, a few of my facebook friends showed interest in having some of these hats for the children in their lives also.

This was great because I happened to have a stash of wool in appropriate colours from a blanket project I never got around to following up.  So last weekend, which was also mothersday, I put my head down and bum up and got to work on making up an extra five of these little cuties for the people who had shown interest.

So now to some credits:

I would like to point you all to a great resource of free crochet patterns.   This is where I found the pattern from which i derived my little brimmed hats.  Love it.

Thanks to Jen for linking me to the fantastic blog and also, even tho she could have easily made these hats for herself, has been kind enough to purchase two of them for her cuties.  A big thanks for the support!


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