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Featured Artist: Joanne Thies

I have been meaning to get around to sharing this delight for some time now.  Joanne from I Love Saturdays is someone I was fortunate enough to go to university with.  I loved seeing other peoples work in the printmaking, drawing and painting studios.  Joanne used to specialise in very detailed drawings, portraits and layering of tranperencies and opacity.  Funnily enough she’s still toying with these ideas but now introducing landscapes, photography and text.

There is something very organic and delicious about Joanne’s work.  It’s soft and feminine, dreamlike and immursive.  It takes you traveling along with her to foreign places.   This is one stylin’  lady.

Even her fashion sense is fab.  What can I say?  I’m crushing on you Joanne Thies.  Keep feeding my insatiable hunger for beauty, colour and detailed line work.

Published in Blanket Magazine.

Have a look at her blog and follow her antics.  And I’ll keep harassing her to make a store where you can purchase her prints!


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