The Klum House Fremont Tote Bag.

After my visit to Blackbird Fabrics up in Vancouver I was just about ready to start first bag project.

I had spotted the Klum House Fremont Tote project on Blueprint and I was lucky enough to sign up for the yearly deal which had given me unlimited access to all of the awesome classes available on the site. The bag was a simple yet stunning basic tote with leather straps and metal accessories. I had always wanted to learn about leather work and this seemed like a good excuse to get some cutting tools and give it a go. Blueprint had a good deal for the supplies but I figured I would like to cut the rivets and straps myself so purchased the basic tools and supplies seperatly. Surely I would use them more than once right?!

At Blackbird Fabrics I had picked up a couple of pieces of waxed canvas in three different colours. One was a cute yellow I scored from the remnants bin. The other two were a charcoal grey and an olive green. In the end I settled on the olive green as the main colour. I went back and forward on that way too many time for a rational person. But I knew for certain I had to use that mustard yellow as a feature colour pop. It was lighter/thinner than the others so I had to double it up for use as the front pocket details so it was not flimsy or transparent. I’m sure its bound to get dirty as I’m not exactly careful when i’m rushing around juggling kids. But I loved it and the heart wants what the heart wants . Hell I had enough fabric to make another if I found it to get too grimy.

I had gathered the D and O rings, zipper, leather, rivets and Chicago screws and tools. Then there was a spanner in the works. I had to wait for a few of the metal cutting tools because of a dodgy Amazon listing where I was led to believe I would be getting a set of several sizes, and it in fact ended out being a single tool. Gah. So that set me back a few days. And resulted in one cranky review. I don’t like waiting. It is not something I am good at.

While I waited resentfully I decided to explore my lining options. I have a decent little stash of fabric lurking around in my cupboards as I tend to get the surprise remnant packages when I order fabric online. *cough* Fabric Mart. So conveniently enough I had the perfect thing. A heavy cotton fabric patterned in complimenting colours. Yes! I love it when things just fall into place.

The video class was super easy to follow along with. Hell it’s just fun just to watch it for entertainment. I know i’m not the only person who finds watching people slowly, and methodically make to be soothing. It has to be something like an ASMR kind of deal.

The waxed canvas is very satisfying to work with. No ironing, no finishing. And it creases and marks with use. The look of the fabric changes over time and ages right along with you. Fancy that, a bag with matching smile lines. I’ll take it.

I didn’t make any changes to the pattern or instructions besides adding a piece of the darker olive canvas over the top of the base portion, up to the stitching line of the yellow front pockets just to minimize some of the grime that would no doubt gather on the base of the bag where it will most certainly touch the ground when I find myself in a situation where I don’t have enough hands. I am hoping the nice long shoulder strap will help with that too.

If you are interested in this type of project I cannot suggest this one enough. I had a great time making it and it was an extremely satisfying end result.

The Fremont Tote pattern and kits can be found directly at Klum House or you can purchase the pattern along with video instruction through Blueprint and sew right along with Ellie Lum, the designer.

A special shout out to Kylie and the Machine. A lass operating out of my old stomping ground Brisbane Australia. I love her woven tags. So cute. Sometimes you have to leave yourself a little love note.