Feature Artist – Karryn Pinfold

I would like to introduce you to the amazing artwork of Karryn Pinfold.  Karryn is a current student a Griffith University’s QLD College of Art at Southbank and is in her third year working on her major series called “Kid Me Not”  I stumbled across her work on the facebook page of one of my previous contacts whom I met whilst I was also studying at QCA.  Thank god for facebook and the links it can bring.  I am so happy to have had the opportunity to find this work.   Thanks Jonathan!

Now you need to check this out!

Karryn gave me a little insight into this series explaining:

“the drawings of the goat girls are part of a series for my major called “Kid Me Not”. They are still in progress and the concept is developing. They are about child abuse and blame and the burden that a child bears when they are made the scapegoat for the transgression of an adult….when the work is complete as a series it will become more clear.”

I can’t wait to see the completed series.  They images and ideas are already so well developed and mature.  They are beautiful yet have dark undertones, soft but with rough edges.  I just gush over them.  I can so imagine one of these on my wall.  Better get in quick.  This girl is destined for big things.

*Images are used with permission from the artist.  Do not copy or reproduce.  That is just nasty and it will rain hellfire on you.


Feature Artist – Joanne Thies

I have been meaning to get around to sharing this delight for some time now.  Joanne from I Love Saturdays is someone I was fortunate enough to go to university with.  I loved seeing other peoples work in the printmaking, drawing and painting studios.  Joanne used to specialise in very detailed drawings, portraits and layering of tranperencies and opacity.  Funnily enough she’s still toying with these ideas but now introducing landscapes, photography and text.

There is something very organic and delicious about Joanne’s work.  It’s soft and feminine, dreamlike and immursive.  It takes you traveling along with her to foreign places.   This is one stylin’  lady.

Even her fashion sense is fab.  What can I say?  I’m crushing on you Joanne Thies.  Keep feeding my insatiable hunger for beauty, colour and detailed line work.

Published in Blanket Magazine.

Have a look at her blog and follow her antics.  And I’ll keep harassing her to make a store where you can purchase her prints!


Feature Artist – Jam Studio 76

I received a lovely gift in the mail today.  It was a pair of Mary Jane style slippers thoughtfully crocheted by a fellow craft obsessed friend Jen from Jam Studio 76.

There is just something so exciting about opening up a package to find something that has specifically been crafted with you in mind.  These slippers are just perfect.  Warm and cozy but no heavier then a sock.  As I type I have my legs stretched out on the lounge and my feet crossed cozy, comfy and warm.  It almost feels like mothers day.  So a massive thank you to Jen for making me feel that little bit special.   I love making things for other people but it is something else when someone does it for you.

I came across the quote the other day and thought it fitting.

“I believe the simple act of making something, anything, with your hands is a quiet political ripple in a world dominated by mass production… and people choosing to make something themselves will turn those small ripples into giant waves.’’–Faythe Levine

Check out Jen’s blog and Flickr.   This woman is a crafting machine!


Feature Artist – May Ann Licudine

I would like to introduce you all to one of my favorite artists.   I originally came across MALL (May Ann Licudine) back when I was frequenting Deviant Art.   I just loved her whimsical illustrative style and super sweet and friendly personality.   Over the years she has just had success upon success with ever increasing followers, international group shows and constant requests for custom artwork commissions.

MALL is a Phillipino artist located in the small province of La Union on the Western Coastline of the Island of Luzon.  She has studied visual arts originally painting in a traditional and realistic manner until finding her own  personal style and technique.  She has very much refined this style and now has a steady stream of people requesting  work from her.

Her favorite styles of artwork are illustration and animation and she draws inspiration from Greats like Hayao Miyazaki, Winsor McCay and Mary Blair.  She has also recently completed works inspired by Alice in Wonderland, The Twilight Zone, and Edward Scizzorhands for various group exhibitions and events.

MALL has stated that she travels for up to seven hours in search of quality art materials for her incredibly detailed artwork as she is not satisfied with the materials she can find locally.  This girl is one hell of a dedicated and determined artist.  If anyone can prove that hard work pays off then it is MALL.

"The Dandelion Dream" - May Anne Licudine.

Where to find her:



Deviant Art.


You really must check her out!


Feature Artist – Kellie Christie.

When I first started visiting the Handmade Expo I saw so many awesome products and talented crafter’s and artists that it was hard to remember them all.  But one stall in particular really stood out to me.  I thought it was fun and fresh and nifty.  That stall was none other then that of Kellie Christie – Jewellery Designer Extraordinaire.

Kellie makes fashion items from buttons.  Necklaces, rings, brooches, you name it.  She even creates decorative name canvases from … buttons!

So since coming across her jewelry I new at some stage I wanted to get myself a necklace.  Originally I was looking at the flat button ones pictured above, but then Kellie posted some new creations on her Facebook Fan Page and I saw something that was just perfect.  I quickly pounced on Kellie and claimed it and it was posted out asap.  So I was super excited to hear a knock at the door and to be greeted by the delivery man.   Now I just need to find myself something flashy to wear it with.