Feature Pattern – Bag of Beans.


This project is adorable.  I think my son is going to love his Bag of Beans from The Purl Bee.  They are so soft and lovely.  It was an absolute pleasure for my first attempt at working with wool felt.  It is just beautiful.  So soft and fluffy and colourful.  What kid wouldn’t love these? Ben loves to stack things and put things in and out of bags and boxes.  I think the colours will be exciting and they are just damn cute!

The pattern is super easy.  Suitable for a beginner.  The hardest part is stitching the small opening closed but after the first few beans you will soon be on a roll.  I hope the kids love them as much as I do.



Feature Pattern – Crochet Dinosaur.

I have recently had the fun task of completing this pattern as a gift for my sons second birthday. It is easy to follow, a good stash buster for those balls of yarn you don’t quite have enough of for bigger projects and it is fast to make.  You can make it as colourful or realistic as you like.  Take a look at my version.

The only problem I came across was his brother wants to claim it as his own so this led to another project for x-mas.  Next project, A dragon for Oliver!  More on that later.



Feature Pattern – Lambert Beret

I finished my hat today, mother’s day conveniently enough.  Go me!  I absolutely love it.  I got to use up half of my op-shop yarn and now have enough left over to make another.  It is an angora look yarn that is so soft and fluffy.   I haven’t used anything like it before actually.

I began with the intention of making this Lambert Beret Pattern but along the way decided to make it more of a baggy cap then a beret.  I stuffed up the lace at one stage and just couldn’t bring myself to start again so went with it and am so glad I did.  It’s not so rigid and organised, but still close enough to not look like a random mess.  I think it suits the fluffy yarn.  It was very forgiving.  I added a little cord to the top of the hat to finish it off.  Very vintage imo.  Very happy with it indeed.

Again, if you are into yarn crafts check out Ravelry.  So many awesome patterns and a very friendly community.


Feature Pattern – Wee Weka Knickers.

So you may have seen that I have started contributing to a fun new page called the Refashion Co-op.  It’s all about making new from old.  My skills are currently pretty limited.  But with the help of a handy pattern and some op-shop finds and refashion know how I am currently playing with making training pants/pull-ups for my little guy.

The green stretch terry are training pants, with a flannel lining and some elastic strips to hold an optional soaker pad inside to make them more like pull-ups then training pants.  My little guy is still currently in nappies but I am thinking ahead.

The blue knit pants are soaker’s to go over the top of cloth nappies.  You can see I just used the same pattern for both.  The knit has plenty of stretch and was as easy as cutting the pieces in a way to make the most of the existing finished edges to same time and awkward seams.  The knit it “interesting” to try to sew neatly.  Or it could just be me.  I used the belt of the cardi to act as the waistband.

We are trialing fleece as a soaker pad.  So far I have to say its doing a pretty good job.  Might be a keeper.

Edit*  I just had an idea!  If I don’t fully attach the flannel lining inside of the training pants I could use it as a little pocket to slip the soaker through instead of trying to attach little strips.  Ohh I’ll have to have a looksy.   Oh this is fun!


Feature – I Think Sew! PDF Patterns & More.

As you may know I am not an adept sewer.  I am stumbling my way through a few basic techniques and learning as I go.  I recently had the fortune of being able to test a pattern for a bag that has now been released by I Think Sew! I’ve got to say I love this bag, even with my newbie mistakes.  I recommend to you  no 059 The Jasmine Bag.

As you may know I have two kids.  That tends to mean I have to carry around a heap of bulky stuff like nappies and spare clothes.  This bag is great to grab for an outing where you need to stuff in the basics and get out the door.  I did not include any pockets or anything fancy.  It is just a big, soft comfy shoulder bag ready to go.

Grab some cute fabric, and something contrasting for the inside, matching thread and  off you go.  I didn’t add a  magnetic  snap, and I used some old flannel bed sheet for interfacing.  And you know what, the bag is soft, sturdy and extremely comfortable to wear.  I love it and will put it up the top of my list of gift ideas for friend.

P.S  It is a great way to learn how to add pleats and darts!  Thank you I Think  Sew! Now I need to make small clutch for my cards and phone when I get to leave the house without the tribe!

Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you fishing something using new skills and knowledge.


Feature Pattern – Pillowcase Baby Dress.

Being a beginner sewer I am always looking for simple projects that can help me to learn new processes.  I am always keen when I see something super cute that I can make for a friend.  This pattern found over at Prudent Baby is perfect.  It is so simple to understand and I get the feeling it will get lots of use for future gift ideas.

It helped me to get my head around using bias tape for the first time.  It was able to be finished in a couple of hours, which was over two nights for me.  And I also managed to make it from material I scored from a local op-shop.

Win, win,win!

Give it a go!


Feature Pattern – Buddy Bear

I wanted to share with you a nice pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. It’s a cute little crochet bear Amigurumi called Buddy Bear that I am rather fond .  I of course customised and modified it to my tastes but there is no reason why you could not follow the pattern exactly.  Check my guy out.  I’ve decided he is an Éclair Bear.  Oh, and I put a little bell in his foot too, so he jingles.  Why not give it a go?


Feature Pattern – My Favourite Stuffie & Rockin Robots Upgrade.

So you may have seen in last weeks Creative Space post that I was working on a robot stuffie for my son’s birthday.  Well I have now completed it, a little late mind you, but he is still super stoked with it.  His little robot goes to bed with him and is carried around religiously.

The toy actually ends out being pretty big as he is rather fat, so it is very cuddly and substantial.  There is lots of room to add personal touches and custom features if you are the creative type.  I gave him a happy little mouth and changed the eye detail a little to personalise it.

If these tickle your fancy pop over to Crafty Deb for all things “not always cute and cuddly.”