Yo-yo decoration on a baby headband with button detail.

You know yo-yo’s right?  Those little round puckered decorative details that are all over the place.  Well it turns out they are a great stash buster for all the little scraps of cute fabric you have lying around gathering dust.  So I thought I would share with you some pics of the process of making up some of these little guys.

First consider the size you are wanting the end result to be.  I find cutting the material to about the size of a cd makes about the size of a 20 cent piece after stitching and pulling in the puckers.  Generally I like this size for most things.  However, it is also fun to make different sizes and layer them up to make flower like details.


Stitching on the wrong side of the yo-yo. I use big running stitch on the wrong side and little less visible ones on the right side. Do this all the way around with a nice strong thick thread and a large eyed needle.

Here you can see that I am gently pulling in the thread as I stitch around the edges. You don't want to snap your thread so take care. Nobody wants to have to start again. See how the edges fold in on themselves and meet up in the middle? The colour of your thread will be barely visible so its not a big deal that I used rather obvious white thread.

So here is my little stash of new yo-yo's ready to add to craft projects. Consider adding a button or ribbon detail to the center for maximum cuteness or layer different sizes and fabrics and really get creative.


I personally don’t worry too much if the middles look a little bit rough.  I usually intend to add something over the top of them anyway so don’t waste my time fussing.  I just join them up nice and tight like a little dumpling and stitch them together so they will not come loose.

These little guys really are so useful and a quick and easy project and stash buster.  Imagine all of the cute fabric you could use, or how well you could use up every little bit of re-purposed clothing etc.  I love these things!





Feature Pattern – Wee Weka Knickers.

So you may have seen that I have started contributing to a fun new page called the Refashion Co-op.  It’s all about making new from old.  My skills are currently pretty limited.  But with the help of a handy pattern and some op-shop finds and refashion know how I am currently playing with making training pants/pull-ups for my little guy.

The green stretch terry are training pants, with a flannel lining and some elastic strips to hold an optional soaker pad inside to make them more like pull-ups then training pants.  My little guy is still currently in nappies but I am thinking ahead.

The blue knit pants are soaker’s to go over the top of cloth nappies.  You can see I just used the same pattern for both.  The knit has plenty of stretch and was as easy as cutting the pieces in a way to make the most of the existing finished edges to same time and awkward seams.  The knit it “interesting” to try to sew neatly.  Or it could just be me.  I used the belt of the cardi to act as the waistband.

We are trialing fleece as a soaker pad.  So far I have to say its doing a pretty good job.  Might be a keeper.

Edit*  I just had an idea!  If I don’t fully attach the flannel lining inside of the training pants I could use it as a little pocket to slip the soaker through instead of trying to attach little strips.  Ohh I’ll have to have a looksy.   Oh this is fun!


Making your own bias binding tape.

I’ve been on about learning some sewing skills for ages.  Now is the time to make it happen.  I thought I would start with a little project.  And what better then something that allows you to turn scraps and offcuts into something useful.  I know you can buy pre-made bias tape in the stores, but you can also buy a handy little tool that helps you to make your own.   There are many tutorials available online to help you.  I used one from Savvy Seams and also intend to try a continuous tape tutorial too.

Now to start making the bibs i intend to use them on.


My Creative Space – Dinosaurs.

This week we made up some shadow puppets as my son is now very interested in shadows and lights.  We decided dinosaurs were the best theme and hit the craft cupboard.  Oliver was lucky enough to recieve lots of crafty goodies for his recent birthday so we had everything we needed.  We just used scrap cardboard, paddle-pop sticks, glue, paints and googly eyes.

I also knocked up some drink coasters out of scrap material since we got some new furniture that is bound to get damaged.

Kootoyoo is having a short break so you may have to wait for some other creative spaces.