Feature Pattern – My Favourite Stuffie & Rockin Robots Upgrade.

So you may have seen in last weeks Creative Space post that I was working on a robot stuffie for my son’s birthday.  Well I have now completed it, a little late mind you, but he is still super stoked with it.  His little robot goes to bed with him and is carried around religiously.

The toy actually ends out being pretty big as he is rather fat, so it is very cuddly and substantial.  There is lots of room to add personal touches and custom features if you are the creative type.  I gave him a happy little mouth and changed the eye detail a little to personalise it.

If these tickle your fancy pop over to Crafty Deb for all things “not always cute and cuddly.”


Feature Artist – Kellie Christie.

When I first started visiting the Handmade Expo I saw so many awesome products and talented crafter’s and artists that it was hard to remember them all.  But one stall in particular really stood out to me.  I thought it was fun and fresh and nifty.  That stall was none other then that of Kellie Christie – Jewellery Designer Extraordinaire.

Kellie makes fashion items from buttons.  Necklaces, rings, brooches, you name it.  She even creates decorative name canvases from … buttons!

So since coming across her jewelry I new at some stage I wanted to get myself a necklace.  Originally I was looking at the flat button ones pictured above, but then Kellie posted some new creations on her Facebook Fan Page and I saw something that was just perfect.  I quickly pounced on Kellie and claimed it and it was posted out asap.  So I was super excited to hear a knock at the door and to be greeted by the delivery man.   Now I just need to find myself something flashy to wear it with.


Bendigo Woollen Mills & Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles

So..  As I am working through my stash I am trying to take note of patterns as I knit them up, the sizing ect,  so I can post a few basic patterns.  It is interesting because I have been using various thickness of yarn and have had to play around a fair bit with gauge.   It has been fun to get a feel for different types of yarn and I am quickly developing a list of favourites.

I’ll put out a “shout out” to Bendigo Woolen Mills here in Australia.  I’ve been using the Luxury 10ply and I have to say I am very happy with it.  It is thick and warm but still soft and cozy.  I am loving the look of thick yarn knitted up in baby sizing.  And the bonus is its fast to boot.

The pricing is very reasonable as you purchase it straight through the mill.  You get nice big 200g balls for about the price of two 50g balls of similar yarn from retailers.

While on the topic of things that I recommend I should also point out how much I love my Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set.  It is a set of various knitting needle size tips that attach to cables so you can interchange most combinations of needles that you generally need.  They don’t include the really fine point needles below 3.75mm but go all the way up to 10mm.  For most general purpose knitting this is usually acceptable.  You can make a wide variety of circular knitting needles without having to rush out an buy a new size every time you come across a different one that you need.  Great value for money IMO.  You can find a review over here on Knitty.

That’s it from me for now.