Feature Pattern – Crochet Dinosaur.

I have recently had the fun task of completing this pattern as a gift for my sons second birthday. It is easy to follow, a good stash buster for those balls of yarn you don’t quite have enough of for bigger projects and it is fast to make.  You can make it as colourful or realistic as you like.  Take a look at my version.

The only problem I came across was his brother wants to claim it as his own so this led to another project for x-mas.  Next project, A dragon for Oliver!  More on that later.



Featured on Plushka’s Craft.

I have exciting news.  I had the great pleasure of writing up a guest post and pattern for the delightful Plushka.  I just adore her sense of style and colour as you can see by my previous feature.

The pattern is for this cute little hat I made for a beautiful little friend Miss Lily’s first birthday.  So here you can see it on that sweet little head.  It’s so nice to finally know a few little baby girls I can make things for.  Everything had been so boy orientated for me up until now.


Little Red Riding Hood Bonnet.


This is a free use pattern with a short tutorial and photos of the progress for you to follow.  Enjoy the pattern and give it a try!



A Curious Sale

I spent the day yesterday going through and tidying up my madeit store and making sure I had photos of everything and all of my stock listed.  So along the way I found a few items here and there that I thought I could add to a little sale to celebrate my first year milestone.  I thought I would share a few of them with you here.

SALE - Bulky Newborn Beanies $10 Each.

SALE - Brown Bulky Newborn Beanies $10 Each

SALE - Boys Newborn Booties. 2 pairs for $20

SALE - Boys Newborn Booties. 2 Pairs for $20

I am in the process of listing some new items as we speak and will be posting an update on those shortly. If one this is for certain is is starting to get cold in Sydney! So I am trying to make the most of it with woolly goodness.


My Creative Space – Woollies.

So you may have noticed that I like to use a particular bamboo and cotton blend yarn for my range of bonnets and Mary Jane’s.  Well I’ve been tinkering and come up with some funky little booties that are a variation of the MJ’s.  I’m super happy with the result and have decided that I am also going to include a little button up scarf or neckwarmer as a part of a super cozy winter set.  I love making stuff that I know I would have loved to have been given when I had my boys.  Aww!

Have a look over at Kootoyoo for more creative spaces.


What’s new?

I have gotten a fair few things done since the granny square post.  I’m really getting into the swing of combining craft with kids and working.  I am really pushing to try to get involved in the Mathildas Market down here in Sydney.  The weather is starting to get chilly so it is the perfect time to spread the word about my little knits.   So you should be seeing a whole lot more goodies being pumped out over here.

I have finished off the little pink blanket and even managed to make up a blue one too.  I have worked on a couple of bulky beanies and also being sewing some clothing for my boys.  I have been working on my sewing skills and purchasing a few little patterns from I think Sew to add to my list of little items to make.

I am also in the process of taking a serious look at an eco angle for some of my items… more on that later.

Don’t forget to check out the recent additions to my MadeIt store and spread the word.


My Creative Space – Dinosaurs.

This week we made up some shadow puppets as my son is now very interested in shadows and lights.  We decided dinosaurs were the best theme and hit the craft cupboard.  Oliver was lucky enough to recieve lots of crafty goodies for his recent birthday so we had everything we needed.  We just used scrap cardboard, paddle-pop sticks, glue, paints and googly eyes.

I also knocked up some drink coasters out of scrap material since we got some new furniture that is bound to get damaged.

Kootoyoo is having a short break so you may have to wait for some other creative spaces.