Happy Easter – Free Pattern Easter Chicken.

I put this little guy together for a friend of mine who requested a little chicken toy to go along with some of my little fruit pieces.  I decided to add some little eggs and a straw nest for them to sit in as a little centrepiece as my lovely customer has a little store of her own with a chicken themed logo.  So I thought if she decided have a market stall this little hen could keep her company.

I figured I should take a note of the pattern as I created it to share with you guys for easter.  So here goes.


Acrylic yarns in 8ply:  I used white, red and gold.

5mm crochet hook

Safety eyes

Wool needle to sew in ends and attach pieces.


Body: (white)

Round 1: Start with a magic circle and Sc 6 stitches into it.

Round 2:  Continue working in a spiral.  Sc 2 in the first stitch and Sc 1 in the next.  Repeat around.

Round 3: Sc 2 in first stitch and Sc 1 in the next two stitches.  Repeat around.

Round 4: Sc 2 in first stitch and Sc 1 in the next three.  Repeat.

Round 5: Sc 2 in first stitch and Sc 1 in the next four.  Repeat.

Round 6: Sc 2 in the first stitch and Sc 1 in the next five stitches.  Repeat.

Round 7-11:  Sc around all stitches.

(Begin stuffing the body and continue to fill it as you close the hole. )

Round 12:  Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next five stitches.  Repeat Around.

Round 13-15: Sc around all stitches.

Round 16:  Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next four stitches.  Repeat Around.

Round 17-19:  Sc around all stitches.

(Attach your safety eyes  or buttons if using them.  Otherwise close the body as normal and simply sew on little circle shaped eyes at the end. )

Round 20:  Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next three stitches.  Repeat Around.

Round: 21:  Sc around all stitches.

Round 22: Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next two stitches.  Repeat Around.

Round 21:  Sc around all stitches.

Round 22:  Decrease in the first stitch and Sc in the next one.  Repeat Around.

Round 23:  Decrease in each stitch until the hole is closed.

The Comb: (Red)

Row1: Chain 10 stitches.

Row 2: Sc across them. Ch1 and turn.

Row 3: Sc in the first stitch. *( Hdc, Tc, Hdc) in the next stitch, Slip in the next stitch*.  Repeat * until the last stitch and then Sc into it.  Tie off leaving a long tail for attaching.

Wattle under beak.  (Red)

Row 1: Chain 5 stitches.

Row 2: Sc in next, Hdc in the next two stitches and Sc into the last stitch.  Tie off leaving a long tail.

Beak: (Gold)

Round 1:  Start with a magic circle and Sc four stitches into it.

Round 2:  Sc two in the first stitch and then one into the next. Repeat.

Round 3: Sc two in the first stitch.  Sc one into the next two stitches.  Repeat.

Round 4:  Sc around all stitches.  Tie off leaving a long tail.

Squeeze the beak flat and stuff lightly.

Wings: (White)  Make 2. 

Row 1:  Chain 12 stitches.

Row 2-4:  Sc across all stitches.

Row 5-7: Decrease one stitch at each end 0f the next row.  Sc across the rest of the stitches.

Row 8: Sc around the edges and Sc three stitches into the corners.  Tie off and leave a tail.


Row 1: Sc 8.

Row 2-3:  Sc across all stitches.

Row 4: Decrease into the first stitch.  Slip into the next stitch,  (Hdc, Tc,Hdc) in the next stitch, slip into the next stitch and then decrease into the last two stitches.

Feet: (Gold) Optional.  Make 2.  

Repeat the same steps as the tail.  Attach under the body at the front.  I didn’t feel it’s necessary as my chicken had a nest.


Attach the comb to the head.  Attach the wattle to the beak and then attach the beak to the body.  Attach a eyes if not using safety eyes or buttons.

Attach wings, tail and feet if making them.  And that is it.

Please let me know if you come across anything that is unclear and I will try to adjust it asap.

You are free to sell your creations made from this pattern if you like.  Just remember to credit me and share my link.  Sharing is caring right?



Featured on Plushka’s Craft.

I have exciting news.  I had the great pleasure of writing up a guest post and pattern for the delightful Plushka.  I just adore her sense of style and colour as you can see by my previous feature.

The pattern is for this cute little hat I made for a beautiful little friend Miss Lily’s first birthday.  So here you can see it on that sweet little head.  It’s so nice to finally know a few little baby girls I can make things for.  Everything had been so boy orientated for me up until now.


Little Red Riding Hood Bonnet.


This is a free use pattern with a short tutorial and photos of the progress for you to follow.  Enjoy the pattern and give it a try!



My Creative Space – Easter Aftermath.

Right now I feel like nothing more then sitting on my butt and knitting away on something cute for myself.  I tend to get myself all worked up on all the things I want to make for my store, a new skill I want to learn, repairing and refashing old clothing ect.  But atm the kids are sick, I’m getting sick and we are all trying to catch up on a big trip up to QLD over easter.  So I think I will just make myself take it easy.

I’m using the fab yarn I found at the op-shop the other week and a cute pattern on Ravelry.   If you are into knits do make an account.  It’s free and its a wealth of info and patterns.

See more creative spaces over at Kootoyoo!


Feature Pattern – Wee Weka Knickers.

So you may have seen that I have started contributing to a fun new page called the Refashion Co-op.  It’s all about making new from old.  My skills are currently pretty limited.  But with the help of a handy pattern and some op-shop finds and refashion know how I am currently playing with making training pants/pull-ups for my little guy.

The green stretch terry are training pants, with a flannel lining and some elastic strips to hold an optional soaker pad inside to make them more like pull-ups then training pants.  My little guy is still currently in nappies but I am thinking ahead.

The blue knit pants are soaker’s to go over the top of cloth nappies.  You can see I just used the same pattern for both.  The knit has plenty of stretch and was as easy as cutting the pieces in a way to make the most of the existing finished edges to same time and awkward seams.  The knit it “interesting” to try to sew neatly.  Or it could just be me.  I used the belt of the cardi to act as the waistband.

We are trialing fleece as a soaker pad.  So far I have to say its doing a pretty good job.  Might be a keeper.

Edit*  I just had an idea!  If I don’t fully attach the flannel lining inside of the training pants I could use it as a little pocket to slip the soaker through instead of trying to attach little strips.  Ohh I’ll have to have a looksy.   Oh this is fun!


My Creative Space – Hand Sewing.

I’ve been struggling to get things done around the kids because they of course want to “help”.  But it seems they aren’t too interested if I have a needle and thread.  I guess it’s small enough to not be of interest to them.  So I have been trying my hand at a bit of sewing.  Small projects are the key for this working so I started on a little pin-cushion today.  Fitting I thought.  It is a free pattern from I Think Sew! when you buy one of their other patterns.    A great place for sewing patterns.  I particularly like the bags and baby gear.  This was a perfect pattern to sink my teeth into while not needing to concentrate too much or need too much gear out around the kids.  And the best part was I finished it it one day!

Cereal boxes make perfect sewing templates.

Pinning in progress.


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Feature Pattern – Buddy Bear

I wanted to share with you a nice pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. It’s a cute little crochet bear Amigurumi called Buddy Bear that I am rather fond .  I of course customised and modified it to my tastes but there is no reason why you could not follow the pattern exactly.  Check my guy out.  I’ve decided he is an Éclair Bear.  Oh, and I put a little bell in his foot too, so he jingles.  Why not give it a go?


Feature Artist – Jam Studio 76

I received a lovely gift in the mail today.  It was a pair of Mary Jane style slippers thoughtfully crocheted by a fellow craft obsessed friend Jen from Jam Studio 76.

There is just something so exciting about opening up a package to find something that has specifically been crafted with you in mind.  These slippers are just perfect.  Warm and cozy but no heavier then a sock.  As I type I have my legs stretched out on the lounge and my feet crossed cozy, comfy and warm.  It almost feels like mothers day.  So a massive thank you to Jen for making me feel that little bit special.   I love making things for other people but it is something else when someone does it for you.

I came across the quote the other day and thought it fitting.

“I believe the simple act of making something, anything, with your hands is a quiet political ripple in a world dominated by mass production… and people choosing to make something themselves will turn those small ripples into giant waves.’’–Faythe Levine

Check out Jen’s blog and Flickr.   This woman is a crafting machine!


Easy Peasy Bulky Baby Beanie

Easy Bulky Baby Beanie
preemie, (0-3mths, 3-6mths)
Yarn:  MODA VERA “CHANTILLY” YARN,70% ACRYLIC & 30% MILK, bulky 12ply
(this is a very soft and lightweight yarn)
needles 5.5mm, 6.5mm circulars or dpn’s (or size to achieve gauge)
(I prefer to use the magic loop method rather then dpn’s or 2 circulars)
gauge: rib stitch on 5.5mm needles 15sts x 20 rows
c/o 28(35,42) sts on the 5.5mm needles in the thumb cast on method (this allows plenty of stretch and an attractive edge) spread evenly between needles and join in the round making sure stitches are not twisted.
rib (k1,p1 = rib) for 5(8,10) rounds
change to 6.5mm needles
alternate purl and knit rows (to make garter stitch in the round) for 3.5(4.5,5.5) inches finishing on a purl row
Crown Decreasing:
k5, k2tog to end of round
purl next round
k4, k2tog to end of round
purl next row
k3, k2tog to end of row
purl next row
k2, k2tog to end of round
purl next row
k1, k2tog to end of row
purl next row
k2tog to end of row
cut a long tail of yarn and pull through remaining stitches and fasten off tightly
sew in ends
This beanie is made in rather stretchy, generous sizing to ensure a bit of growing room whilst still fitting nicely on the small end of the scale.  I have tried to make it as accurate as possible using my owns sons head as a guide.  He is a big boy however so please feel free to modify your needle size to make a better fit for your child.

Please credit and link to me if you use my pattern.  I do not mind if you use it for charity, sell items made from it or if you just want it for personal use.  But please be nice and credit me and also show me what you have done with it.