My Creative Space – The soap bug bites again.

 I finally got around to making some more soap. It has been on the backburner for a looong time. Nearly three years actually as I stopped making it when I realised I was pregnant with Ben. But I thought I would share some yummy images. They are all goat milk based soap. I’ve somehow managed to find a little patience and keep the milk cool and keep that nice pale colour and minimal burnt milk smell. That always helps in the appeal right. I’m looking into facial bars and shampoo style soap atm too so I will keep you updated. If only all those nice luxury items didn’t add up so much. I cannot wait to get my hands on some peppermint and rosemary essential oils. Mind you I would also love some lavender and rose fragrance too. But you can’t have everything right?

I also made some lovely eucalyptus and tea tree soap with poppy seeds and ground cloves for exfoliation.  I was actually really happy with the fragrance.  Warm, earthy and soothing.  Not too medicinal at all.  But of-course with the healing benefits on cuts and scratches.  Loving it.

I’m also working on plenty more of my crochet play food.  It wont be long and I’ll have to restock my yarn stash that I was originally trying to bust!

Goat Milk and Rough Honey Oat

Pure Goat Milk

Rebatched Smooth Honey Oat

Rich Chocolate


My Creative Space – Easter Aftermath.

Right now I feel like nothing more then sitting on my butt and knitting away on something cute for myself.  I tend to get myself all worked up on all the things I want to make for my store, a new skill I want to learn, repairing and refashing old clothing ect.  But atm the kids are sick, I’m getting sick and we are all trying to catch up on a big trip up to QLD over easter.  So I think I will just make myself take it easy.

I’m using the fab yarn I found at the op-shop the other week and a cute pattern on Ravelry.   If you are into knits do make an account.  It’s free and its a wealth of info and patterns.

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My Creative Space – Woollies.

So you may have noticed that I like to use a particular bamboo and cotton blend yarn for my range of bonnets and Mary Jane’s.  Well I’ve been tinkering and come up with some funky little booties that are a variation of the MJ’s.  I’m super happy with the result and have decided that I am also going to include a little button up scarf or neckwarmer as a part of a super cozy winter set.  I love making stuff that I know I would have loved to have been given when I had my boys.  Aww!

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My Creative Space – Granny Squares.

I’m in the process of stitching together a group of crochet granny squares to make a baby girl blanket to add to my store.  I will be starting on a blue one next for the boys.  Its all Australian wool so is nice an warm and cozy but still lite and soft.  I’m loving the colours.  Wouldn’t mind one for myself actually.

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My Creative Space – Hand Sewing.

I’ve been struggling to get things done around the kids because they of course want to “help”.  But it seems they aren’t too interested if I have a needle and thread.  I guess it’s small enough to not be of interest to them.  So I have been trying my hand at a bit of sewing.  Small projects are the key for this working so I started on a little pin-cushion today.  Fitting I thought.  It is a free pattern from I Think Sew! when you buy one of their other patterns.    A great place for sewing patterns.  I particularly like the bags and baby gear.  This was a perfect pattern to sink my teeth into while not needing to concentrate too much or need too much gear out around the kids.  And the best part was I finished it it one day!

Cereal boxes make perfect sewing templates.

Pinning in progress.


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My Creative Space – Soap.

This week has been all garden and a little bit of soap.  I used to make a fair bit of handmade soap but I have not done it for a long while.  This is a batch of lavender cold process soap.   It is lightly coloured with a lilac tint and fragranced with  essential oil.  These bars will make lovely gifts.

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My Creative Space – Mods.

I’m currently in the process of shortening and adjusting several pairs of pants for a better fit.  Many of them were three quarter length shorts.  I hate that style.  It really does not flatter me.  So now they are summer shorts.  Several of my shorts are also getting too baggy so I am trying to work out how to take them in.  Still thinking about that part.  Hmm..

It’s all helpful in learning the sewing ropes.  I’m planning to knock up some shorts for the boys out of husbands old t-shirts too.  We need some light yard clothes.  It is getting very hot very fast.

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My Creative Space – For the Boys.

I’ve finished off the boys booties that I had pictured previously.  I’ve popped them into my space in handmade heaven and they will now be available as a regular item to compliment the girls mary-janes.

I’ve also been looking at some sewing info and am looking to dive into the projects to get me going.  I’ll post things as I go and link to anything useful I find along the way.  First up i’m thinking i’ll explore making my own bias binding.  It looks like a good way to use up spare bits of material.

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My Creative Space – Dinosaurs.

This week we made up some shadow puppets as my son is now very interested in shadows and lights.  We decided dinosaurs were the best theme and hit the craft cupboard.  Oliver was lucky enough to recieve lots of crafty goodies for his recent birthday so we had everything we needed.  We just used scrap cardboard, paddle-pop sticks, glue, paints and googly eyes.

I also knocked up some drink coasters out of scrap material since we got some new furniture that is bound to get damaged.

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My Creative space – complete.

This week I have finally finished the painting I was working on.  The secret one that I still can’t actually post a complete photo of because I still have not yet given it to the recipient.  But I am so happy to have it finished because it has sat there taunting me for a few weeks now.  Honestly I was not sure it was going to work out but thankfully I am happy with it and hope it will be loved in its new home.

I’ve also been working on some boys slippers to go with the little girls mary jane booties.  I’ve been a bit slack and not finished adding the details yet.  I’ll get there eventually.

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