A Very Merry Un-Birthday Competition.

I know it is a little late considering my first official post was the 12th of March but I would like to celebrate That Curious Cat! having been online for it’s first year.  My style and focus has been evolving and I have formed a strong group of like-minded friends and associates.  I have enjoyed sharing inspirations and the work of talented artists and  I have some of my own ideas brewing.  Who knows what the future may hold.

But back to the original purpose of this post… Celebration!  So, to celebrate I would like to offer the chance for you to win a couple of little goodies that you can use to spread the love.  I think it is only fitting to offer up a little heart brooch and also a cute handmade card that you can give to someone special.

To Enter the draw simply leave a comment on this post.  But if you want to increase your chances then you can earn additional entries by:

  1. Tweeting about my blog with the tag #ThatCuriousCat
  2. Sharing my Facebook Page with @That Curious Cat!
  3. Suggesting my Page to people whom you think may appreciate it on your Facebook page and commenting here.
  4. Blogging about That Curious Cat! and posting your link in comments.
So all up that is a possible 5 entries.
The winner will be randomly drawn on Monday the 11th of April.

Feature – Miss Molly and Friends

I would like to introduce you to a childhood friend of mine.  Like myself she has found since becoming a mother she just can’t resist the urge to create…cute.  What could be more satisfying that learning a skill that allows you to be able to make the most adorable items for your child and then take it even further and make these items for others.  Although Leanne is relatively new to sewing she is very quickly learning and pumping out plenty of ..well..cute!

While a majority of items are geared towards little girls she is currently branching out into boyswear too.  You get the idea with some of the mini miners gear that is now available.  How cute is that!

So have a look at some of Leanne’s creations over at Miss Molly and Friends.  You won’t be disappointed.


A Big Day

Well today has been full of news on the Curious Cat front.  I now officially have stock on display in Handmade Heaven. I have listed my first items up on my Madeit Online Shop  and my Bulky Ladies Slouch Beret has been featured on Tracey Potter‘s blog as a suggestion for mothers day.  Everything is on the go now.  It is getting nice and cold too so I will be busily working on more cute kids gear for when my stock sells like hotcakes…well lets hope so anyway.

Now for a well deserved rest I think.


Something is Brewing

For you locals to Ipswich City who are interested in crafts and such there are a few exciting changes that have been going on intown over the last couple of years.  Even for those of you not so much focused on craft but maybe fashion or cooking or giftwares there is something for everyone, if you just go and take a look.

With the construction of Riverlink Shopping Center I had originally thought that the old Mall and top of town might have been on its way out.  It seems that this is certainly not so.  A little hub of exciting new stores have emerged.   Gallery Newtown moved its Custom Framing, Gallery and Giftwares to a new spot not far from the Art Time, the Art Supplies store.  A Spotlight opened just around the corner in West Ipswich and the Old Flour Mill amped up its appeal with Di..liscious Cupcakes and Handmade Heaven among other things.

Craft has always had firm roots locally.  But it seems to me like there is a new breed of funky modern craftsters taking on the retailers.  No more outdated doilies and itchy jumpers for us.  Don’t get me wrong I have huge respect for the vintage stuff, but all of these bright, modern fun and funky creations are so refreshing.  Handmade craft is drawing a new crowd.  With the advent of online stores like Ebay and Etsy it is easily accessible from home.  But the thing I am most excited about is the opportunity to hire space in the Handmade Heaven storefront in the Old Flour Mill.  This makes handmade seem a little more serious to me then the little school fete stalls of bits and bobs.  Now we have handmade in the form of  The Handmade Expo!   How is that for Mega!

Personally I want dibs on some of that storefront space, so I am crafting up a storm so that I have plenty of things to put forward to the store owner.  Wish me luck!  And don’t forget to check out the Top of Town.


This Curious Cat.


For those of you who know me you will know that I am an impossible crafter. I have an insatiable lust for art and craft supplies, yarns, paper and a thirst for knowledge. Not the type of knowledge that cures disease, feeds the poor or brings world peace but the knowledge of how to create cuteness! Not quite as momentous perhaps, but important nonetheless.

With the birth of my two incredibly handsome children this desire has been thrust into the forefront of my life. I just cannot help myself! So now I am doing the obvious. Making my “skills” available to other people who perhaps don’t feel the same way. People who would rather spend time doing what they enjoy and leave the fiddly stuff to those of us obsessive enough to enjoy it.

And so I bring you That Curious Cat!.