Feature Pattern – Lambert Beret

I finished my hat today, mother’s day conveniently enough.  Go me!  I absolutely love it.  I got to use up half of my op-shop yarn and now have enough left over to make another.  It is an angora look yarn that is so soft and fluffy.   I haven’t used anything like it before actually.

I began with the intention of making this Lambert Beret Pattern but along the way decided to make it more of a baggy cap then a beret.  I stuffed up the lace at one stage and just couldn’t bring myself to start again so went with it and am so glad I did.  It’s not so rigid and organised, but still close enough to not look like a random mess.  I think it suits the fluffy yarn.  It was very forgiving.  I added a little cord to the top of the hat to finish it off.  Very vintage imo.  Very happy with it indeed.

Again, if you are into yarn crafts check out Ravelry.  So many awesome patterns and a very friendly community.


My Creative Space – Easter Aftermath.

Right now I feel like nothing more then sitting on my butt and knitting away on something cute for myself.  I tend to get myself all worked up on all the things I want to make for my store, a new skill I want to learn, repairing and refashing old clothing ect.  But atm the kids are sick, I’m getting sick and we are all trying to catch up on a big trip up to QLD over easter.  So I think I will just make myself take it easy.

I’m using the fab yarn I found at the op-shop the other week and a cute pattern on Ravelry.   If you are into knits do make an account.  It’s free and its a wealth of info and patterns.

See more creative spaces over at Kootoyoo!


Feature Pattern – Wee Weka Knickers.

So you may have seen that I have started contributing to a fun new page called the Refashion Co-op.  It’s all about making new from old.  My skills are currently pretty limited.  But with the help of a handy pattern and some op-shop finds and refashion know how I am currently playing with making training pants/pull-ups for my little guy.

The green stretch terry are training pants, with a flannel lining and some elastic strips to hold an optional soaker pad inside to make them more like pull-ups then training pants.  My little guy is still currently in nappies but I am thinking ahead.

The blue knit pants are soaker’s to go over the top of cloth nappies.  You can see I just used the same pattern for both.  The knit has plenty of stretch and was as easy as cutting the pieces in a way to make the most of the existing finished edges to same time and awkward seams.  The knit it “interesting” to try to sew neatly.  Or it could just be me.  I used the belt of the cardi to act as the waistband.

We are trialing fleece as a soaker pad.  So far I have to say its doing a pretty good job.  Might be a keeper.

Edit*  I just had an idea!  If I don’t fully attach the flannel lining inside of the training pants I could use it as a little pocket to slip the soaker through instead of trying to attach little strips.  Ohh I’ll have to have a looksy.   Oh this is fun!


Op-Shop Finds.

So along with my interest in refashioning I’m looking at making things from secondhand fabrics. I am fortunate enough to have a pretty well stocked Salvo’s up the street. I couldn’t resist but pop in there today on the way to do the groceries and I came across some very nice finds indeed.

I spent $21 and came out with: A very pretty headscarf that I have no intention of changing. Some yummy mustard linen and some white cotton fabric. I also found this stretchy terry toweling like fabric that I suspect might be some kind of microfiber and a batch of rather delightful yarn.

The mustard linen is begging to be made into an a-line skirt (to wear with black tights!) and some little girls dresses while the green stretch terry is going to be made into training pants/nappies. The yarn has to be made into a beret and maybe a shawl or neckwarmer.  It is an angora look nylon and acrylic blend that is actually incredibly soft.  They come in little 20g balls and I got about six of them.  At first I thought $8 what!  Then I had a think about the value of what I could make from it. Awesome!

I know some people who are kind of embarrassed about the idea of buying things from op-shops.  Silly huh.  I love them.  How about you?