Feature Pattern – Bag of Beans.


This project is adorable.  I think my son is going to love his Bag of Beans from The Purl Bee.  They are so soft and lovely.  It was an absolute pleasure for my first attempt at working with wool felt.  It is just beautiful.  So soft and fluffy and colourful.  What kid wouldn’t love these? Ben loves to stack things and put things in and out of bags and boxes.  I think the colours will be exciting and they are just damn cute!

The pattern is super easy.  Suitable for a beginner.  The hardest part is stitching the small opening closed but after the first few beans you will soon be on a roll.  I hope the kids love them as much as I do.



Feature Pattern – Wee Weka Knickers.

So you may have seen that I have started contributing to a fun new page called the Refashion Co-op.  It’s all about making new from old.  My skills are currently pretty limited.  But with the help of a handy pattern and some op-shop finds and refashion know how I am currently playing with making training pants/pull-ups for my little guy.

The green stretch terry are training pants, with a flannel lining and some elastic strips to hold an optional soaker pad inside to make them more like pull-ups then training pants.  My little guy is still currently in nappies but I am thinking ahead.

The blue knit pants are soaker’s to go over the top of cloth nappies.  You can see I just used the same pattern for both.  The knit has plenty of stretch and was as easy as cutting the pieces in a way to make the most of the existing finished edges to same time and awkward seams.  The knit it “interesting” to try to sew neatly.  Or it could just be me.  I used the belt of the cardi to act as the waistband.

We are trialing fleece as a soaker pad.  So far I have to say its doing a pretty good job.  Might be a keeper.

Edit*  I just had an idea!  If I don’t fully attach the flannel lining inside of the training pants I could use it as a little pocket to slip the soaker through instead of trying to attach little strips.  Ohh I’ll have to have a looksy.   Oh this is fun!


Feature – Miss Molly and Friends

I would like to introduce you to a childhood friend of mine.  Like myself she has found since becoming a mother she just can’t resist the urge to create…cute.  What could be more satisfying that learning a skill that allows you to be able to make the most adorable items for your child and then take it even further and make these items for others.  Although Leanne is relatively new to sewing she is very quickly learning and pumping out plenty of ..well..cute!

While a majority of items are geared towards little girls she is currently branching out into boyswear too.  You get the idea with some of the mini miners gear that is now available.  How cute is that!

So have a look at some of Leanne’s creations over at Miss Molly and Friends.  You won’t be disappointed.


My Creative Space – Hand Sewing.

I’ve been struggling to get things done around the kids because they of course want to “help”.  But it seems they aren’t too interested if I have a needle and thread.  I guess it’s small enough to not be of interest to them.  So I have been trying my hand at a bit of sewing.  Small projects are the key for this working so I started on a little pin-cushion today.  Fitting I thought.  It is a free pattern from I Think Sew! when you buy one of their other patterns.    A great place for sewing patterns.  I particularly like the bags and baby gear.  This was a perfect pattern to sink my teeth into while not needing to concentrate too much or need too much gear out around the kids.  And the best part was I finished it it one day!

Cereal boxes make perfect sewing templates.

Pinning in progress.


Visit other creative spaces at Kootoyoo.


Feature Pattern – Pillowcase Baby Dress.

Being a beginner sewer I am always looking for simple projects that can help me to learn new processes.  I am always keen when I see something super cute that I can make for a friend.  This pattern found over at Prudent Baby is perfect.  It is so simple to understand and I get the feeling it will get lots of use for future gift ideas.

It helped me to get my head around using bias tape for the first time.  It was able to be finished in a couple of hours, which was over two nights for me.  And I also managed to make it from material I scored from a local op-shop.

Win, win,win!

Give it a go!


My Creative Space – Mods.

I’m currently in the process of shortening and adjusting several pairs of pants for a better fit.  Many of them were three quarter length shorts.  I hate that style.  It really does not flatter me.  So now they are summer shorts.  Several of my shorts are also getting too baggy so I am trying to work out how to take them in.  Still thinking about that part.  Hmm..

It’s all helpful in learning the sewing ropes.  I’m planning to knock up some shorts for the boys out of husbands old t-shirts too.  We need some light yard clothes.  It is getting very hot very fast.

Take a look over at Kootoyoo for more creative spaces.


Making your own bias binding tape.

I’ve been on about learning some sewing skills for ages.  Now is the time to make it happen.  I thought I would start with a little project.  And what better then something that allows you to turn scraps and offcuts into something useful.  I know you can buy pre-made bias tape in the stores, but you can also buy a handy little tool that helps you to make your own.   There are many tutorials available online to help you.  I used one from Savvy Seams and also intend to try a continuous tape tutorial too.

Now to start making the bibs i intend to use them on.